2020 Census Pledge - Join as a Tribal Leader or Community Member
To ensure an accurate count of American Indians and Alaska Natives in the 2020 Census, the Indian Country Counts campaign will mobilize tribal leaders and a network that includes tribal organizations, volunteers, grassroots organizers, and others to build on the Census Bureau’s own 2020 Census outreach to Indian Country. Collectively, we will reach Native people to make sure they hear from trusted community voices that being counted in the census is important to our people, our nations, and our future.
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Join as a Tribal Leader or Community Member
As an elected official you have the chance to serve as a trusted messenger of information about the 2020 Census, conveying its importance to your constituents. We encourage you to participate by: forming a Tribal Complete Count Committee (CCC), partnering with the Indian Country Counts campaign, hosting a community assistance forum, and serving as an information center. As a community member, you can inspire people to participate, educate them about the importance of the census, dispel confidentiality fears, and help people fill out the census forms.

Ways To Take Action
• Start or join a Complete Count Committee (CCC) in my area.
• If possible, dedicate outreach funds to the tribal CCC.
• Appoint a tribal liaison to the census through the Tribal Liaison Program, share that liaison’s information with Indian
Country Counts and Census Bureau.
• Leading up to the enumeration process in your area, have the tribe put census flyers in paycheck mailings.
• Include census public service announcements (PSAs) on the radio and have census announcements at tribal events like annual gatherings, powwows, meetings.
• Include Census 2020 info in the tribal newsletter.
• Set up Census booths at powwows, picnics, rodeos, and other community events, inviting Census staff or tribal census
volunteers to hand out tribal specific information.
• Dedicate computer stations and staff to help tribal members complete the census.
• Issue a public proclamation or resolution as an endorsement of the 2020 Census and publicize your support by sharing with Indian Country Counts, on your website, or on social media
• Help recruit tribal members to apply for the 2020 Census positions.

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