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NCSD membership is open to organizations that have demonstrated or are willing to demonstrate a commitment to racial and economic school integration in the United States.
Once you fill out the application form and sign the accompanying Membership Statement, the NCSD Steering Committee will consider your candidacy. The steering committee meets four times a year, so it may take up to three months for a final decision. If you wish to follow up with us, please email Gina Chirichigno at
Thinking About Applying for Membership to NCSD?
The National Coalition on School Diversity (NCSD) engages in research, public education, and advocacy to help expand support for government policies that promote school diversity and reduce racial and socioeconomic isolation. Members are invited to participate--consistent with their organization’s ability and designation--in NCSD’s advocacy efforts, which include, but are not limited to: legislative advocacy, administrative advocacy (e.g. communicating with departments of education and other non-legislative government agencies/bodies), and civil rights litigation at the district, local, state, and national levels.

Membership is free and open to individuals and organizations that meet specific criteria, which is described below. In lieu of the annual membership dues that most national organizations require, NCSD requests that members make a voluntary contribution (consistent with an organization’s capacity) to its bi-annual conference. You can learn more about our past conferences at
The Benefits of Joining NCSD
Membership in NCSD provides opportunities to:

* Meet, learn from, connect with, and build alliances among our ever-growing, dynamic network made up of people and organizations committed to creating, sustaining, and improving equitable and diverse schools in the United States

* Access members-only conference calls that provide up-to-date information and insights about research, practice, and policy work in the field

* Amplify your work through our newsletter, which is disseminated to a network of 5,000+ integration supporters nationwide

* Connect with a community of peers when you have questions or are looking for information and allies to strengthen your work

* Lend your voice and perspectives on school integration with local and national media

* Express support and contribute your skills to NCSD’s many advocacy efforts and campaigns at local, state, and national levels

* Receive public recognition of your membership and activities on our website and our conference materials
What We Ask of Members
* A contribution, consistent with your organization’s capacity, to our bi-annual conference

* Keep NCSD reasonably informed about your organization’s integration-related work

* Public support for NCSD’s work. This could include publicizing our written products, webinars, or events and supporting NCSD’s advocacy efforts, as appropriate

* Recognition of your affiliation with NCSD, e.g. on your website or when speaking at education conferences and similar events

* We strongly encourage collaboration and communication between members, in order to inform, enhance, amplify, and better understand each other’s work

* Be welcoming, inclusive, and curious about other NCSD members and their work. This might include amplifying and supporting fellow members' work through social media, issuing invitations to members to be on panels, or simply by connecting by phone or in-person to learn about each other’s work

* Make efforts to connect with fellow members when visiting, presenting, and/or attending events in other cities

* Particularly if you are experienced in the field, with status and connections to opportunities and knowledge, encourage and support emerging practitioners, researchers, and advocates dedicated to this important work

* That you sign our Membership Statement (below)

*Please note: NCSD is not accepting applications from individual schools (including colleges/universities) or school districts at this time. Instead, we encourage you to connect with some of our members and partners (listed at, which are better positioned to provide support and guidance to schools and school districts.
Membership Application
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For those new to this work, what might you or your organization do to prioritize this work moving forward? *
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Membership Statement
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* I/My organization will work with NCSD and its partners to advocate for policies and practices that promote racial and economic integration and anti-racism. This will be accomplished through a range of strategies, as outlined in NCSD’s strategic plan (

* To the best of my or my organization’s ability, we will make a financial contribution to support NCSD’s bi-annual conference

* I have the proper authority to submit this application on my organization's behalf

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To find out more about becoming an NCSD member organization, feel free to contact us:
Gina Chirichigno
The National Coalition on School Diversity

Philip Tegeler
Executive Director
The Poverty & Race Research Action Council
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