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I am sharing my experiences with Darcie DeLeon
Please indicate which of the following types of communication and involvement have occurred during this school year between you and the named school staff member. *
For each of the following statements, check the box that best reflects your experience. *
Excellent 4
Good 3
Fair 2
Poor 1
Not observed
The counselor is accessible and willing to listen.
The counselor contacts me promptly with concerns
Expectations of my child are communicated and are clear and appropriate.
The counselor responds to and accepts counseling referrals in a professional manner.
The counselor communicates in a fair and respectful manner
The counselor fosters positive relationships with parents and community.
The counselor maintains positive relationships with students.
The counselor makes suggestions about ways to help my child at home.
I feel welcomed by the counselor when I visit the school.
The counselor is responsive to information I provide about my child.
The counselor uses developmentally appropriate guidance learning activities.
The counselor encourages my child to work hard to succeed.
The counselor shares my high expectations for my child’s learning and behavior.
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What are the major strengths of this counselor?
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In which areas could improvement take place?
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