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1. The OneMaker Games is an unstructured play event where children can explore different activity stations freely. As our space is limited, we ask that parents will register prior to the event so that we can allocate sufficient resources.

2. Parents may observe your child(ren) from the side during the activity. Photography and/or videography is encouraged. Any parent is welcomed to join in the activities or to accompany your child(ren). An additional entry pass (& appropriate fee) applies.

3. While some of the activities may involve some form of making or constructing, no materials may be taken out from the activity stations. Parents have the option to purchase the materials used. A price list will be available on-site for reference.

4. Due to the free playing nature of the activities, children may be unsupervised at times. Please assist to remind your child(ren) to refrain from shouting or making excessive noise out of respect for those who may be working in the offices.
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NOTE: Slots for Thursday & Friday are no longer available as we reached full capacity.
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