2717 Jasper Street Survey
The New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC) and Kensington Soccer Club (KSC) are conducting a survey in the Kensington neighborhood to explore ideas on how to create a local open space at 2717 Jasper Street to serve the community. Please answer the questions below to help us understand how this space can be made better for you.

To find out more or receive updates call NKCDC at (215) 427-0350

The site is located between Jasper & Helen streets adjacent to the Conrail line.
Have you visited this site before?
What types of activities occur on the site now?
Your answer
What best describes your relationship to Kensington? (check all that apply)
How long have you lived/worked in Kensington?
Of the following places, which do you currently use? (check all that apply)
How often do you typically spend time outside?
What do you like to do when you spend time outside? (check all that apply)
What two things would you like to do in the public spaces of your neighborhood that you can’t do now?
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Your answer
What is the intersection or block closest to where you live, work or spend the most time in Kensington? (eg: 1800 Somerset)
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How do you feel about the neighborhood identified above?
Strongly Negative
Strongly Positive
How would you rate your feeling of personal safety in the neighborhood identified above?
Strongly Negative
Strongly Positive
What would make you want to spend more time outside?
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