NAF Summercamp 2019 - Registration
Welcome to the 2019 Aikido summer camp at Brandbu! Please fill out the form below to register.

NB: ONE REGISTRATION FORM PER PERSON ATTENDING! (Including children and non-training friends/family members), specifying "no training" if applicable. (Exception: Children under 3 go under parent's registration, but please declare the child in the appropriate section). Children aged between 3 and 12 get 50% discount on accommodation, provided they share rooms with their parents, please state child's age at "Additional information".

For detailed information about the camp, please see the invitation pdf and additional information at

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Fill inn your contact information and club name here. If you are not a part of any club, leave it blank and enter your current city and country.
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The training fee must be paid in advance along with the accommodation fee, late fee is 100NOK upon arrival if the training fee has not been paid within the specified date. Payment upon arrival is done through bank transfer or bank card. Please see the invitation for payment details (
How many days will you participate? *
Training cost discount *
If you qualify for a discount, please specify. For discounts, valid ID must be presented to the reception upon check-in.
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Please note that everyone must bring their own sleeping bag (or duvets/sheets), pillow and towels! (For travellers from abroad, contact me at, and we will help you get what you need.)

All payment is done to NAF up front, both training and accommodation. For extra meals we use a payment terminal (debit/credit card).

Please note that there is a limited number of rooms available, so your selection may not be available. If we have to give you a different class of room we will inform you, and should you pay too much up front, it will be refunded to you.

Note: One day of accommodation includes three meals every day: dinner, lodging that night plus breakfast and lunch the day after. Any other meals will have to be paid for separately.

Accommodation choice *
Children 3-12 years sharing room with parents, half price for accommodation. Choose the correct room type and send an e-mail to to confirm the discount. Additionally, state child's age in "Additional information".
Will you attend the Banquet dinner on Wednesday? With accommodation, it costs 160NOK extra. Without accommodation; 300NOK. *
Food requirements and allergies
If you have any food requirements, specify here. If you have a list of allergies or foods you cannot eat (such as low FODMAP or similar), e-mail me at so we can make sure this gets accommodated. Also, please make sure to bring a print of those to the reception upon arrival, so we can remind the chief. If you can, please include a list of foods you CAN eat, as well.
Food requirements and allergies
Children less than 3 years old
If you bring children below the age of 3, please specify. NB: Older children and non-training friends/family members should each submit a separate registration, specifying "no training" if so applies.
Name and age of child(ren) below 3 years
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Additional information
If you want to share a room with someone, please specify here. Note that there is a very limited number of single rooms available. We urge you to choose someone you would be okay with sharing a room with, or else we might need to put you in a room with someone you didn't choose. Priority will be given to people with special considerations (health, age, other).
Special allergies or health conditions organisers should know about (for your safety) should be given here.
Additional information
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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