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The information requested below is needed by the researchers at Brandeis University to set up your Thriving Synagogue congregation and board surveys.
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Abbreviated or shortest form of the synagogue name that members will easily recognize: *
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Ask members for annual payments such as dues?
Have at least three paid staff (either full- or part-time) who interact with members of the congregation? This may include executive director, teachers, custodial staff, or others who work for pay in the synagogue.
Have a top professional, such as an executive director, who reports directly to the board?
Have clergy?
If your synagogue asks members for annual payments, what do you call these payments (e.g., dues, voluntary contribution)?
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How many INDIVIDUAL ADULT MEMBERS does your congregation have? (If you do not know, provide best estimate.) *
This number will be used to estimate your survey response rate.
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Does your congregation have a building or other space(s) in which you meet regularly? *
The survey includes questions about the physical space that your congregation uses. These questions will appear in your congregation survey only if you indicate that you have a building or other such space.
In the survey, do you want to include demographic questions that ask if the respondent and respondent's spouse are Jewish? *
If synagogue members have questions about the survey, who should be their primary contact at the synagogue?
The name and contact information specified here will appear on the introductory page of the survey.
Name of survey contact: *
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Email for survey contact: *
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Phone number for survey contact: *
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If researchers at Brandeis University need to reach the survey leadership team, who is the primary contact?
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