Reopening of D80 Parent Survey
We are planning to reopen our schools on August 26th under guidelines published by the Illinois State Board of Education in conjunction with the State of Illinois ( ).
During Phase 4, IDPH guidelines for Illinois schools will:
• Require use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including face coverings;
• Prohibit more than 50 individuals from gathering in one space;
• Require social distancing be observed, as much as possible;
• Require that schools conduct symptom screenings and temperature checks or require that
individuals self-certify that they are free of symptoms before entering school buildings; and
• Require an increase in schoolwide cleaning and disinfection.

As we plan for the reopening of Leigh and Giles Schools this fall, it is critical that we hear from our parents and guardians. It will be difficult to complete this survey, not knowing how the pandemic will be impacting us in eight weeks or so when we are about to return; but, please do the best you can and answer what is best for your family. I know that there are many questions that you have, and this survey may help you understand the answers to those questions; other questions simply can't be answered at this time. Thank you for your partnership in making the D80 education the best it can be for our students. Superintendent Stephanie Palmer
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According to the Guidance for Reopening, students are required to wear masks while at school AT ALL TIMES, unless eating, playing a musical instrument, or playing outside while maintaining social distance. Exceptions will be allowed ONLY for students with doctor's orders and then they will be required to use a face shield. Will you send your children to school all day, knowing that the requirement is that they must wear a mask or shield? *
We will ask that all parents screen their children for illness before sending them to school. In addition, students will be screened for fever using a touchless forehead thermometer whenever they enter the school building for the first time each day and whenever a staff member suspects illness. This initial screening will be followed by a second screening by the school nurse if the student is registering a temperature 100 degrees or above. Students with fever will be quarantined to a room supervised by the nurse until parents can pick them up. Students then must not return to school until they are fever free for 72 hours (3 days). Students at home will have access to live instruction and eLearning. Are you prepared for your role in this new procedure? *
Students will learn and eat lunch at one desk in one classroom all day. Teachers will rotate to each room as needed. Recess will be limited to activities that help reinforce social distancing (soccer, kickball, jump rope, for example). Do you understand and can you support the necessity for these procedures? *
Knowing that students will be in masks and at one desk all day, would you be in favor of limiting students' time at school to the minimum of 5 1/2 hours (currently D80 students are at school for 7 hours)? Check all that apply. *
The Guidance for Reopening Schools recommends that student desks be set up so that students are seated 6 feet apart. District 80 is planning to use all rooms and staff to spread out students as much as possible, but in some grade levels meeting this 6 feet apart recommendation will not be possible. Furthermore, keeping students 6 feet apart at all times will simply not be possible knowing elementary students. Will you send your children to school, understanding that we will be doing the best we can to maintain the 6 feet rule? *
One of the primary concerns for reopening schools is the question, "What happens when someone who has been at school tests positive for COVID-19?" The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) wants all people who have been within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes of anyone with the virus to quarantine at home for 14 days. If we have a person in our school that tests positive, we must report this to the IDPH. This might mean that a whole classroom must stay home for 14 days. This quarantine will be implemented without much notice. Are you prepared to keep your child home for 14 days if another person from your child's classroom tests positive? Check all that apply. *
When we reopen schools, we know that there will be students for many reasons who have to stay home to learn, including quarantines. D80 is committed to meeting the individual needs of all students, and this situation is no exception. We plan to live stream one classroom per grade level for live instruction each day for students learning at home. If your child is learning at home, does this live stream instruction option appeal to your Remote eLearning expectations? *
We know that students are impacted socially and emotionally by the changes in their normal routines over the last several months. Knowing that these new school procedures will be very different for students, we need to help support them emotionally as well as academically. To what extent are your own children impacted socially and/or emotionally by the spring Remote eLearning and the summer restrictions in the way we must live? *
All students will have a school Chromebook this year; will your children have access to WIFI if they have to stay home for remote learning? *
Now that you understand our procedures for in-person learning, are you planning to send all of your school-aged children to D80 schools in the fall? *
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