The Practice Niche Questionnaire
Thanks for your interest in “The Practice Niche,” an interview series by LaConte Consulting featuring the advice of natural health practitioners on why and how they chose to specialize their business.

A niche is a distinct segment of the market that serves very specific customer needs, offers well-defined solutions, provides a comfortable environment for customers, and makes the business owner feel excited and satisfied. The word's Latin root is nīdus, meaning “nest.”

To participate, complete the questionnaire below in as much detail as possible. I will e-mail you to schedule a 45-minute call (via telephone or Skype) so we can discuss your answers in more depth. After that, I will transcribe our conversation and publish a featured post on my blog ( and share it on social media.

I look forward to hearing from you! Let me know if you have any questions.

Grace LaConte

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Pre-Interview Questions
Why and how you specialized your practice
What are your credentials, education, and training? *
Please include any relevant qualifications (and graduation years if you wish, but not required)
How did you get interested in becoming a healthcare practitioner?
Was there a significant event that brought you into the world of healing?
What is your main area of focus (niche)? *
Which types of patients do you generally serve? *
Demographics, geographic area, condition, symptoms, treatment, etc.
How long ago did you pick this niche? *
Why did you decide to focus on one particular area?
How does this niche benefit your patients? *
Is there extra value they receive thanks to your specialized focus?
What are some positive effects thanks to your decision to niche?
For example: "Since I started this niche, I have... added more patients, hired more staff, streamlined internal processes, increased my rates, lowered my costs, started offering one-to-many services, moved to a cash-pay only practice," etc.)
Have any patients contacted you specifically because of your specialized services?
Do you get unsolicited requests for help from outside your service area? How did they find you?
Do you think there are any challenges to working in a niche?
For example, did any patients quit your practice once you specialized? What happened and why?
In your opinion, are there situations where using a niche is NOT a good idea?
What are some tips you would give to other practice owners on how to decide on a good niche? *
Which images would you like me to use in the article?
Images such as a profile picture, business logo, and other images that represent your work are very helpful to readers. Please share the files (below), share website links to each, or share the files with me by e-mail (
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