Peer Tutor Sign-Up Form
Thank you for taking the initiative to sign up for Mackenzie's Peer Tutoring Program! This form will require you to share some basic contact information and information about the subjects and grade levels you are able to tutor. Once a potential Learning Partner makes a request that you can fulfill, you will be contacted by email. If you choose to video call for your live sessions, then Google Meet must be the platform used, to ensure compliance with TDSB policies.

Note that by signing up to tutor you give permission for W.L. Mackenzie C. I. to give your phone number and/or e-mail address to your Learning Partner or to a potential Partner so s/he can contact you. (Please clear this with your parents.)

Feel free to join our Google Classroom with the code pj2ue4s
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Please enter the subjects you are able and willing to tutor this year, separating different subjects with semi-colons. You must include the Subject Name, Grade Level, whether you studied the subject at an Academic, Gifted or MaCS level, and the name of a teacher who can confirm your ability in the subject. A sample entry would look like: English 9 Gifted Mr. Berenstein; Science 10 Academic Ms. Assim. *
Languages your are fluent in other than English:
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