TrigID Airdrop Campaign (Lite)
Each participant will receive 15 ID Tokens worth around $15

1. This Airdrop campaign will end after reaching 20,000 validated participants or ICO ended.
2. Tokens will be distributed 2 weeks after ICO ended.
3. The participants must perform the following tasks, and have the tasks validated before receiving the airdrop tokens:
- Search for "TrigID" using Google and Bing.
- Join our Telegram Group (
- Follow our Twitter Account (
- Retweet a post from our twitter account and tag 5 of your followers using hashtags #airdrop #airdropalert #ICO #trigid
- Follow us on Facebook (
- Follow us on our Reddit Account (
3. All posts must be in English.
4. If you use a bot, post duplicates or cheat in any other way your Airdrop will be forfeited.

If you have questions about this Airdrop please ask them at our Bounty Telegram group (

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