Overland Carts Warranty Registration
In order to issue your warranty, you must first register your Overland Cart with Granite Industries. Please complete the registration form below with 14 days of receiving your product. The following contact information will only be used by Granite Industries for warranty and service.
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The model number is a 7 digit number on the packing list that came with the cart. Typically in the format of: 70***-** Example: 70024-05. Additionally, the information can be be found on the bar code sticker generally located on the top of the chassis on our wheelbarrow carts. Power hand trucks have the model number on the control box. The model number is in the lower left hand corner of the UPC sticker.
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Serial Number *
The serial number is a 5 digit number on the packing list that came with the cart and is on each Overland Cart on the back of the control box. Typically in the format of: 0**** Example: 06035.
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