How do you take your content?
Black with two sugars please 😉

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us your feedback! At AdCom8, our goal is to create content that you actually want to read. This six (6) question survey helps us understand how content is consumed on the web, and it will take less than a minute to finish.

Thanks for helping us connect the dots!
1. On average, I spend ___ hours per day engaging with online content such as industry blogs, news sites, eBooks, whitepapers, videos, podcasts, etc.
2. Do you prefer to read content that is data heavy or content that is more lighthearted?
3. What sources do you trust most when consuming content?
4. What's your preferred way to consume content?
5. What is your prefered way to share content?
6. Which social media sites do you look at the most?
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