USA Swimming N3f Evaluator Application
N3i evaluators may use this form to request appointment as an N3F evaluator. Officials Chairs and N3f evaluators may also recommended advancement on behalf of the N3i Evaluator. All N3f Evaluator appointments will be made quarterly by the NOC chair or the NOC Evaluator subcommittee chair or their designees.
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Recommender's position and LSC if not the candidate *
Candidate's LSC and Officials' Chair
The candidate is a USA Swimming member in good standing and an active LSC volunteer. *
Select the position for which the candidate is requesting N3f evaluator appointment: *
The candidate is certified as an N3 official in this position; has substantial, recent experience officiating in this position; and is an active mentor for officials in this position. *
The candidate is currently an active N3i evaluator in the requested position. *
This official has RECENT and relevant experience on a national deck in THIS POSITION. Name ONE (1) 5-star or 4-star National meet (Senior Nationals, US Open, Olympic Trials, or Pro Series) at which this candidate served and received a positive N3r evaluation in THIS POSITION or ONE (1) 5-star National meet at which this candidate served as Meet Referee since 2015. *
Please indicate a second National meet at which this candidate served and received a positive N3r evaluation in THIS POSITION. The second National meet can be a 3+-star meet (Juniors, Pro Series, Senior Nationals, US Open, or Olympic Trials.) If this recommendation is for N3f AR, please indicate a second 3+-star meet at which this candidate served as an AR since 2015. *
This evaluator has actively mentored at the N2 and N3i level. Indicate the total number of evaluations conducted for THIS POSITION including the number of N3i evaluations for THIS POSITION. Include AO evaluations for AR applications. 
Thank you for serving as an evaluator and for your application. It will be reviewed by the NOC Evaluator Sub Committee. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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