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Thank you for placing an order with my small business!

SHIPPING NOTICE: We cannot ship any candles, hand sanitizers, or skincare products right now due to the extreme heat. We check temperatures in the city we are shipping to -- when the temperatures are maintaining weather below 87 degrees, we will send your order out. My products do not contain any added chemicals that other companies use to help them in this type of weather. I apologize for the delays.

ONLINE DISCOUNTS: All Tumblers (large candles), are 10% off.

LOCAL DELIVERIES: FREE local curbside delivery for $40+ orders. We encourage you to come to the Enchanted Sugar store in the Cottonwood Mall -- call ahead to ensure your request is in stock and we will hold it for you, call me at 505-589-8826.

USPS SHIPPING: Flat Rate $8.50 via USPS. Email me if for expedited shipping pricing. FREE shipping if your order is for masks only.

To place an order, simply fill out your this Order Form and submit.

Thank you, your order helps this local artist survive! Questions? Email juliette@enchantedsugar.com or by phone 505-589-8826.
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