2019 Zone Team Application Form
Applications are not complete until the following support materials are signed and submitted to Zone Team Manager: Amy Faulk - 413 Kenilworth Road, Statesville, NC 28677 (coachamyfaulk@gmail.com).

NC Swimming Team Travel Policy agreement form
Zone Team Code of Conduct form
Zone Team Liability Release form
Zone Team Athlete Medical information/consent form
Zone Team Media Release form
Check payable to NC Swimming for $560 (Payable to NC Swimming)

Payment is non-refundable for those athletes selected...if not selected, checks will be shredded.

Please note that the Zone Team is looking for chaperones. Chaperones will be selected around the time athletes are selected.

Swimmers selected will be notified no later than Wednesday, July 24, 2019.
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The USA Swimming ID is composed of 14 characters. The first 6 characters are your birth date. The next 3 characters are the first three letters of your first name (an asterisk is inserted if your name is fewer that three letters. The next character is your middle initial (an asterisk is inserted if you have no middle initial). The last 4 characters are the first four letters of your last name (asterisk inserted if fewer that four letters.) Example: Joseph Smith = 092574JOS*SMIT
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Age group is determined by athlete's age as of 7/31/19.
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