PWS Purchasing Card Checkout
Before filling out this form:

1.  Have approval to check-out Campus Purchasing Cards (only have to fill out once)

2.  Know the account number the purchase will be charged to.

3.  Know the dates of card check-out and return (no longer than 4 days).

4.  No Amazon purchases can be made with the department credit cards - EVER!

5.  These cards cannot be used for travel related to TPA's, or taken on field trips to purchase food. Food purchases can be made before you leave.

6.  If you are purchasing food, utensils, napkins, or other food-related items for any trip that is over 12 consecutive hours, you will need to fill out a TER form in addition to the purchasing receipt form. If you are purchasing food for a trip that is under 12 hours, you cannot use a department card and must use your personal card as per BYU policy.
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SCAM WARNING: Home Depot, Provo, self-checkout section, has been compromised. Please use regular cashiers.

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