9/26 Digital Bus Form -- Marist Tournament
It's Day 2 of the Marist Ivy Street Invitational! The person in charge of a school’s entry should set a designated time prior to the first pairings release of the day so they can confirm that all judges and participants are at their computer and ready to participate in each given round—analogous to “meeting on the bus” prior to departure for a physical tournament. Please fill out this form on each day of the competition. Please answer the questions below to confirm that your squad is ready for competition.

This form is due for every school on 9/26 by 8:15am EST.
Email *
What School Are You Checking In? *
Full Name of Adult Contact *
Mobile Phone of Adult Contact *
Are all your competitors present on your 'digital bus'? *
If no, which students are missing? IMPORTANT: This will drop that student from the tournament.
Are all your judges present on your 'digital bus'? *
If no, which ones are missing? IMPORTANT: This may still trigger fines for missed rounds.
Final Confirmation *
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