KET EncycloMedia 2017 Survey!
The 2017 KET EncycloMedia survey is open. Please take our brief survey to be entered in drawings to win a Google Chromebook or other fun prizes! Prizes will be drawn on May 30th!
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PBS LearningMedia: This service is free to all teachers, parents, and students. It offers over 100,000 educational resources to schools.
How often do you use KET's PBS LearningMedia in your classroom? *
Did you know PBS LearningMedia Premium content is integrated within CIITS Classroom Resources? *
What KET resources have you used within PBS LearningMedia? (check all that are applicable)
Which of these classroom tools have you used with your students?
Access to Discovery Education ends on June 30th. We have provided a resources crosswalk to PBS LearningMedia which can be found at
How is this going to impact your classroom?
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How can KET help with this transition to PBS LearningMedia?
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KET Education Resources:
How have you used KET education resources for NTI Days (Non-Traditional Instruction Days)?
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In what face-to-face KET Professional Development have you participated? (optional)
What online KET Professional Development have you used? (optional)
What other KET educational services or resources do you or your school currently use? (optional)
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