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Computer Science

Kansas School for the Blind has piloted an Introduction to Computer Science Course tailored for students who are B/VI in partnership with Microsoft TEALS Program (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools). The TEALS Program has a ten-year, proven track record of bringing CS Programs to high schools by partnering technology industry professionals with classroom educators to team-teach CS.

KSSB and TEALS program created this course with students who are blind/low vision in mind, working closely with a community of adults who are B/VI. The pilot class will cover variables, outputs, methods loops, if/else statements and special topics. We are excited to bring this class to the B/VI students in KS.

PRE-REQUISITES: Students must be in grades 9-12 and are ready/prepared for Algebraic concepts.
TIME: 3:45p-4:30p, M-Th
CONTACT: Kim Rhea; krhea@kssdb.org or Jon Harding jharding@kssdb.org
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