Kiwi TCMS OSS Program
The Kiwi TCMS team is committed to supporting other open source projects. That's why we are giving away free access to a private tenant instance of Kiwi TCMS. In return we expect your cooperation into making Kiwi TCMS better & more popular.

We need your consent for that so please fill-out this form.

WARNING: make sure you are allowed to represent the project on whose behalf you are asking. We will try to validate this independently!
Email address *
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Your affiliation to the project *
Project name *
Source code repository *
Tenant name, e.g. *
Username of tenant admin. Must be registered on! *
Do you agree to publish your logo on *
Do you agree to publish your logo on printed materials, e.g. roll up banners, brochures, etc. *
Do you agree to work with us on publishing use-case story on our blog after 3-6 months of using Kiwi TCMS *
Do you agree to become a reference customer on GitHub Marketplace (in case your project has a GitHub organization) *
Do you agree to give us regular feedback (email, video conferencing) so we can improve Kiwi TCMS together (1/mo or less frequently) *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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