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Dear future Delta athlete,

Thank you for showing interest in our company.

We are humbled for you to consider us as your fitness coaches and excited to be your guide. We are genuinely here to help you reach your fitness goals, improve your health and fitness, and discover your true potential.

Through our coaching system, you will receive a sustainable plan built specifically for you by our team of expert coaches that will lead you to your ultimate goal(s). We believe the right plan must be individualized to you, and by learning more about your current lifestyle and habits, we can take better care of you and build the plan that suits your needs.

To begin your journey with Delta Performance, we ask that you please completely fill out and submit this questionnaire. We will use this information to help us build an assessment more specific to your goals, wants, and needs. The more information you provide, the better our initial planning process will be.

Please be honest when filling this out. We will not judge your answers, and nor should you. All of the information you provide is completely confidential and only shared among our team of coaches.

Note: There are 8 sections in this application. You must complete all 8 sections before submitting it back to us.

Please allow at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete this form and send back to us.
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