HIKE LIKE A WOMAN: Ambassador Application
Hi and thanks for your interest in becoming a Hike Like A Woman Ambassador. I think it's rad that you're here and am excited to see where this Ambassador Program takes us.

We'll be adding a new Ambassador team in August 2017. This is a very competitive program. Over 118 women applied during our initial selection in July and dozens more have applied since. Please fill out this form if you're interested.

This application period will end on July 1st, 2017.

To increase your chance of selection I'd encourage you to submit a guest article telling us a story that informs, entertains, or inspires. Your guest post can be emailed, along with 2-3 photos to me at the email address below. I'll let you know if we'll be able to publish it.

Thanks so much, if you have any questions please let Mara, our community manager know.

Rebecca & Mara

Contact us here: hikelikeawoman@gmail.com

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If that's a 'yes' please share your url and links to any of your public social media handles. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc)
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Are you willing to be part of a private facebook group just for HLAW Ambassadors? This is how we'll communicate amongst the group.
Are you willing to share photos, stories, videos, and other inspiring or informative content on www.hikelikeawoman.net?
Would you be willing to be interviewed for an episode of the Hike Like A Woman Podcast?
Do you have a gmail account and are you comfortable using google drive? I know you're busy so we'll set up a google folder to make it easy to submit content and cut back on the amount of emails exchanged. To submit content all you'll need to do is drop your products in a folder on the google drive. Is that cool with you?
Why do you want to be a HLAW Ambassador? What makes you rad? Why will our readers want to hear what you have to say? Go ahead, brag a little bit :)
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Will you be sending us a guest post? If so when we can expect to check it out and get to know more about you?
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