Hello, I am representing Turnout Sunday/Lawyers & Collars Voter Protection Campaign to ask you to participate in a brief survey covering the pre-election activities and the activities of the poll chaplains on election day. Would you take 3 to 4 minutes to answer eight questions? (yes_____) or (no_____)

The Skinner Leadership Institute, in partnership with the National African American Clergy Network, has managed “Turnout Sunday/Lawyers and Collars” with the key partner, Sojourners, to support poll chaplains across the nation with vital faith-based civic engagement tools to provide assistance during the 2020 Elections.

The purpose of this brief telephone survey is to understand your experiences with the TURNOUT SUNDAY/LAWYERS AND COLLARS webinars, virtual meetings, toolkits, and other election resources and activities. Also, we welcome your advice regarding what kinds of resources we should provide in the future that would help clergy leaders like you ensure that your community is properly served by elected officials.

QUESTIONS (This is the form to be completed by the interviewer)
1. Were you out in the community on Election Day? If so, how many polling sites did you and/or the people you recruited oversee?
2. How would you summarize your view of your election 2020 experience?
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2.A Do you want to make a statement about what steps need to be taken to ensure fair policies and elections in the future?
3. If you participated in Turnout Sunday meetings and/or Webinars, how useful were they?
4. Did you receive a copy of any of the Turnout Sunday Toolkits, and if so, was it useful? If "yes," please comment.
5. What was the level of your knowledge about voter suppression tactics/efforts and voters' rights prior to your involvement with TurnOut Sunday?
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6. What issues do you think are important to African Americans in 2020 and after that should be addressed by the elected officials? Check all that apply.
7. How many pastors did you recruit to participate in TOC/LC?
8. How many church-based lawyers did you recruit?
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