Coth-Winamac Building Reservation For The Community
This is the online building use form for members of the community.

Reservation Contacts:
- Mary Jane Rhodes 574-242-0408
- Jeanne Newman 574-225-0640

Church of the Heartland - Winamac
890 East State Road 14 Winamac, IN 46996


Foyer Only $100
Sanctuary $250
Classroom $75
Warming Room $100
Gym $200
Summit Cafe $150
Total Building $700


Building Attendant (required fee) - $15/hr.
Sound engineer $100 for single event, $125.00 for a wedding & rehearsal
Sanctuary set up & tear down - $150 for changes to the existing chair arrangement. Stage equipment may not be moved.
Security Deposit - $100.00.
There will be a $50.00 per room janitorial charge and/or damages charged if not returned to the pre-event condition.


Deposit required to hold the date is ½ the total donation.
Remainder is due 2 weeks before the event.

Donations should be made by clicking the DONATE button on this page here...

Building application is not fully completed until the donation is made.

You will be notified if your building request is approved.
Do not assume approval until you hear back from us.



- Church functions will have priority over non-church functions.

- All activities must be family friendly.

- Your group is responsible for returning the church to the condition it was in prior to your use. This includes ensuring restrooms are picked up with trash put in waste cans and removed, all urinals/toilets are flushed, all other trash made from your event is removed, all equipment is returned to proper storage areas, and floors are swept/mopped as necessary. Please refrain from using church supplies except for trash bags.

- Supervise children at all times. Stay off the stairs in the gym. No Summit use unless specific arrangements are made in advance.

- Refrain from using building areas that are not requested for your event in this contract (i.e. other rooms, playground, warming room, office area, etc.)

- No smoking, alcohol, or drug use is permitted in the building or on the property.

- No helium balloons may be used.

- Your group must have its own insurance and is responsible for any injury that might occur. Church of the Heartland and its members are not responsible for accidents or injury.

- If any janitorial needs, damages and/or liabilities are incurred (equipment or otherwise) by participants or spectators, it will be paid for by the person(s) or group using the facility. Balance of security deposit will be returned within 7-10 days following your event as long as no damages and the church has been returned to the condition it was upon your arrival.

- Our church leadership reserves the right to refuse a request for our building’s use.

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