NWSC 2021 Track Chair Application
Please fill out this application to the best of your ability. Your responses will be sent to the chairman, Jamie Belknap. We have made some changes in our application from previous years. PLEASE NOTE in order to qualify, you must live in either Washington, Idaho, Montana or Oregon and you must have a state number. In Washington, this is called a WILD ID #. If you choose to include any links, files, or photos, please email them to belknapj47@gmail.com.

This club is primarily a Volunteer Social Club created for and by our friends to preserve our outdoor interests. We will pursue conservation of our environment and the wildlife in it. We will educate in the fields of Conservation, Shooting, Hunting and Related Outdoor Activities. With funds and volunteer work we will support various Environmental, Educational and Charitable groups. This group will always keep in mind that we are all friends that will work hard to perpetuate the things we love to do.

First and Last Name
Phone Number
Date of Birth (optional)
What state do you live in?
Clear selection
What is your hunter education number? (Washington-WILD ID)
How would the use of a Track Chair change your life?
Please use the space provided to write a short essay explaining why we should choose you for our 5th annual Track Chair Campaign.
If you were chosen, what dimensions would best fit your needs?
Clear selection
If you were chosen, are you right or left handed?
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If chosen as a recipient, you will be responsible for transportation of the chair and pick up from Spokane Valley, Washington.

If chosen as a recipient, you will be asked to sign a waiver to release liability to NWSC.

If you have any questions please email our chairman, Jamie at belknapj47@gmail.com

Please review the specific guidelines of being able to use the chair with your specific needs prior to applying.
TracFab- https://www.tracfab.com/

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