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Red Wave Indoor 2020 is a GO!
Here are some bullet points - please read through the entire thing, as there is new info!:

We had a GREAT year last year - 2019 brought us into the top 10, and our first time breaking 90 at Finals, ending with a 91.425!!! We will be making the trip out to Dayton Ohio once again, for another great season of competition at WGI World Championships!

Auditions will be held over two weekends. They will be Sunday October 13th and Sunday October 20th at the Fresno State Music Building off of Shaw & Maple Ave, from 9a-6p. Parking will be free so I suggest parking in the ‘C’ lot, which is off of Shaw and Maple Ave. Battery members: wear something comfortable to move/march in, and bring some water.

There will be a one-time $30 audition fee for the tryouts. After filling out this form, we will be emailing you a link to an online payment method for the audition fee. After paying the fee, we will email you the appropriate audition packet.

Here is the link to pay the audition fee online:
Click on Marching band, and then scroll to Winter Percussion Auditions. Log out when complete. (checks will not be accepted this year, per Fresno State policy). It will have to be online or cash in person.

The audition packet will be sent out during the week of Sept 23.

Callbacks will be Sunday Oct 20th, for those who make it. For planning purposes, plan on being able to come to both weekends - it will increase your chances of making the ensemble if we can see improvement from week to week. If you are unable to come to one of the weekends, please contact Joe Avery ahead of time at so that we are aware ahead of time.

Rehearsals will be weekends (Saturday and Sunday) plus occasional Friday evenings on show weekends. A full calendar will be out shortly.

Cost will be around $850 per member for the season, which helps pay for staff, uniforms, floor, design, and equipment. There is an additional cost of approximately $1300 for the trip to Dayton Ohio (flights, hotels, transportation, etc) that will be payed through our travel company, Music Travel Consultants.

You do not have to be a current Fresno state student to join. You just have to be of WGI age and eligibility.

We will not be accepting current High School students that are eligible to march in their own ensemble.

Feel free to message/send it to individuals that you know are interested, and spread the info via word-of-mouth. Send them my way with any questions.


Audition packets will be sent out once you register.

The staff is absolutely world class (collectively comprising of Crown, BD, Academy, RCC, SCV, Pulse, Phantom, Cavies, and more), and we aim to provide a competitive and positive ensemble for the talent of Fresno/Clovis.

Be a part of something special - Cya Oct 13th!
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Our second auditions will be Sunday October 20th at the Fresno State music building. Would you be available for callbacks, should you make it? *
If you know of anyone else who might be interested, please provide a name and an email/phone number so that we can send them some info! If not, no worries!
More Specifics:
Experienced Rudimental Percussionists:
The Fresno State Indoor Percussion Ensemble (Red Wave Indoor) is looking for highly skilled individuals, experienced on their instrument, with a great attitude.

The 2020 Battery will likely consist of the following instrumentation (may vary as necessary):
• 6−9 Snares
• 4-5 Tenors
• 5 Bass Drums
• 4-6 Cymbals

The 2020 Front Ensemble will likely consist of the following instrumentation (may vary as necessary):
• 4-5 Marimbas
• 4-5 Vibraphones
• 1 Xylo/Glock Combo
• 2-3 Electronics (synths and samplers)
• 1-3 Auxiliary Racks
• 1 Rhythm Section (Drumset, Bass, Guitar)

We will also be looking into a visual ensemble/dance component, depending on the turnout.

General Audition Information:
Be sure to bring sticks and/or mallets, a practice pad, and a folder/binder for audition materials.

Overall Preparation:
Due to the limited amount of time on audition weekends, it is important that applicants arrive extremely prepared for all portions of the audition process. It is up to the applicants to follow through by having a comprehensive knowledge of the exercises and being prepared on their sight-reading and solo repertoire portions of the audition. If possible, it is preferred that solos and exercises are memorized for the audition.

The audition will consist of:
• An individual audition and interview and sight-reading. It doesn't hurt to have a short solo prepared as well, to demonstrate your musical abilities. The solo can be as simple as a portion of a show that you've performed in the past, or as complex as an I&E ready individual solo.
• A group music audition.
• A marching/visual audition. (Battery/Dance Only)

Audition Requirements

Like any other audition aspect, applicants should practice sight-reading daily. Practice at slow enough tempos that rhythmic and melodic accuracy are possible. Applicants will be given 30-45 seconds to look over the audition material before being asked to perform. No tempo will be dictated, but it is imperative that performers keep steady time throughout.

Solo Repertoire
It is recommended that each applicant prepares solo repertoire (2 minutes max). The solo can be as simple as a portion of a show that you've performed in the past, or as complex as an I&E ready individual solo. The most important element in choosing a solo piece is that the applicant is able to demonstrate total musicianship. Choosing a virtuosic piece that is outside of a player’s technical reach is not recommended. Individuals should try to choose a piece that they can play comfortably under the pressure of an audition situation, while demonstrating strong technical and musical skills. In addition, it is recommended that applicants choose a solo piece that showcases varying techniques and musical elements. This especially applies to Keyboard, Snare, and Tenor auditions. Individual bass drum and cymbal “solos” generally consist of technique demonstration, and the ability to produce a quality sound on the instrument.

There will be a marching/visual portion of the audition for the battery. This may not occur until callbacks. Be sure to have appropriate shoes and clothing for physical activity.

Applicants should contact me directly with any questions about the audition process. It is imperative that questions about the audition process are communicated prior to arrival at auditions.

Thank You,
Joseph Avery
Cal State University, Fresno
Buchanan High School
Alta Sierra Intermediate
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