Parental Questionnaire
Consultation Process for SDP 2018- 2021
My child is happy and settled at school. *
The teachers are caring and show commitment to my child's welfare. *
Pupils in this school are encouraged to behave well. *
If my child is unwell or unhappy, his/ her concerns would be listened to sympathetically. *
The school encourages children to be healthy and active. *
If my child was being bullied, the school would deal effectively with the situation. *
I am confident that the school will deal with any complaints and/ or concerns which I may have. *
The school provides opportunities for me to discuss my child's learning needs. *
The school has a culture of high expectation for all children. *
Learning experiences are matched to the needs and abilities of my child. *
A range of after-school activities enriches children's learning. *
The school encourages my child to develop his/ her personal and social capabilities. *
The school has informed me about the procedures to deal with child protection matters. *
I have been informed about the school's policy on the acceptable use of the Internet. *
I receive helpful information about my child's progress in school. *
I am informed regularly about the life and work of the school through the school website and/or newsletters. *
The school is well thought of in the community. *
The school has explained to me how I can help my child with his/ her work. *
The school sets high standards in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT. *
The work that my child is asked to do is matched to their ability. *
I am satisfied that my child can cope with the homework given. *
My child's attendance at school is good. *
The school promotes strong links with the community. *
What areas of your child's education would you like more information on? *
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What additional information would you find helpful about your child's progress in school? *
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Is there any additional comments you would like to make? *
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Please indicate the Key Stage that your child/children are in. *
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