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Please read our notice below and complete this form to begin the application process for our Ladakh Pilgrimage 2020.
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Ladakh Pilgrimage with Dr. Miles Neale - August 2-18, 2020
Thank you for your interest. The following registration must be completed for you to be considered for our pilgrimage. We want to ensure a cohesive group dynamic as well as a safe and quality experience for all those involved.

Our pilgrimage to Ladakh promises to be a very unique two week immersion into Tibetan Buddhism and Ladakhi culture. Because there are a fixed and limited number of spots available we expect this trip to sell out.

The pilgrimage is also a fundraiser, so in addition to the tour cost, and before we depart, you must also raise/contribute at least $500 USD towards our service project supporting the nuns of Dorjee Zong Nunnery in nearby Zanskar. Contributions are tax deductible through the Tibetan Nuns Project ( Please work with us to ensure you are earmarking your donation appropriately.

We factor in many variables in our selection decision, such as your past meditative experience, mental and physical fitness, and suitability within the overall group dynamic. Priority is given to those enrolled in our Contemplative Studies Program ( If you have never studied with Miles before, we suggest you join the CSP to develop familiarity with his teachings.

We do NOT discriminate based on such things as age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.
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This pilgrimage doubles as a fundraiser and you agree to contribute/raise at least a $500 USD tax deductible donation for the Dorjee Zong Nunnery in Zanskar prior to departure. It defeats the purpose if you just pay this yourself. In two sentences or less describe how do you plan to raise awareness and the funds? *
In keeping with pilgrimage ethics we endeavor to offer a modest scholarship to offset the tour cost for one or two pilgrims. This is based on the generosity of our community and those with means. Would you like to contribute to our Scholarship Fund?
While we will not travel to Zanskar on our pilgrimage with Miles, we have organized a 7-day "extension" at minimal cost led by our tour operator Lungta Travels, which will allow a small delegation of pilgrims to meet the nuns of Dorjee Zong Nunnery. A minimum of 4 pilgrims is needed. Does this extension interest you?
Ladakh sits at high altitude (3000 meters) and it's very common to experience altitude sickness. This can also pose more serious health risks if you have any preexisting medical conditions. Medical clearance and travel insurance are required. Please let us know if you have any health conditions and concerns. *
List any prescribed medications (including dosages) you are taking. *
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Thank you for taking the time to register. We will let you know about our decision via email once the enrollment phase concludes. If accepted you must secure your spot with a $1000 nonrefundable deposit. Your room preference is not guaranteed and is only based on what is available at the time your deposit is received. Pilgrims must complete our required forms (Liability Waiver, Medical Clearance and Travel Insurance) and post them in a designated DropBox folder after once a link is emailed to you.
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