The Lucky 7 News Quiz No. 13
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Valley News trivia from July 27-Aug. 2.
Answers can be found via the Valley News and for the seven-day period starting Friday, July 27.

The seven-question quiz where you can win a pin!
The quiz is open from Aug. 3-9.
Top scorers are entered into a drawing to win UV INDEX swag, including a UV INDEX pin and sticker packs. Plus, of course, bragging rights!

Winner and runners-up will be announced Friday, Aug. 10.

And now, on to the quiz.
Ready ... steady ... go!
1. A man from Minnesota built a scale-model replica of which Upper Valley location?
2. Which Dartmouth fraternity has filed a lawsuit against its own trustees over the use of a house on Webster Avenue?
3. Where is home base for the recently debuted Polyculture Brewing Co., run by married couple Michelle Oeser Prost and Chris Prost?
4. Which two of Woodsville High graduate Chris Sarkis' talents were discussed in a recent Close-Up story?
5. In his recent Over Easy column, Dan Mackie wrote about the power of what?
6. The Howe Library circulation director spent the last few years making what kind of art for her colleagues, in anticipation of her retirement?
And last but not least, the UV INDEX lucky no. 7!
7. What did a White River Junction girl name a monarch caterpillar in her yard?
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