Hidden Valley Wild Horse Contact Form
Use this form to report wild horses that need to be moved or monitored due to possible injury or location. If this is an emergency (horse hit by a car, horse is actively bleeding, traffic is stopped due to horses on the road) call (775) 352-3944. Fill out the form for non-emergency reporting only. Thank you.
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Number of animals involved: *
How many adult horses and foals are involved?
When did this happen? *
Please provide the date and time you saw the horse/horses.
Location: *
Where is the horse or horses located? Be as specific as possible and include street number and/or closest cross street, especially if the animal is not clearly visible from the road.
What is going on? *
Are horses in your neighborhood or crossing streets or highways? Has a horse been left behind by their band?
Contact Name
Please give us your first and last name for reporting purposes only. You can complete the form without providing your name.
Contact Phone Number
Please provide your phone number so we can follow up with you, especially if we need more information. You can complete the form without submitting your phone number.
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