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So, you'd like to volunteer at the brewery? Great, we can use an extra hand around here from time to time - mostly for special projects! Volunteers are a very important part of running our brewery and brewery events. All jobs at The Beer’d Brewing Co. are work but we like to make as much time for fun as possible and the same applies to our volunteers.

To volunteer you MUST be at least 21 years of age.

Here how this works:

1. You sign up by submitting this form, and consider yourself a volunteer-in-waiting.

2. The next time we have a project coming up, we will send out a "Care to help?" message to the people on this list, giving you an idea of what the job will entail, and the date, time, and location (usually here at our brewery).

Typical projects:
Hand bottling a specialty beer
Unloading big shipments
Assisting with brewing
General cleaning
Helping out with an event

3. Once you get the email, just reply to the email address given in the email if you can make it (so we can plan accordingly). If you can't, there's no need to reply. We promise no hard feelings.

4. That's about it - except that if reply with a yes, then you should probably show up, work on the project, and then have a Beer'd brew with us.


Aaren, Precious & Crew
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