SNSF Scientific Image Competition 2021
This form enables you to participate in the SNSF Scientific Image Competition.

It must be completed and sent in by 31 January 2021 at midnight CET.

Read our general information:

> This form is available in English only, but it can can be completed in English, German or French. We encourage the use of English to minimize subsequent translation work.

> Each participant may submit between 1 and 5 entries, in one or more categories. They must have been produced between 1 January 2020 and 31 January 2021.

> The entrant must fill in a complete form for each entry.

> The entrant must be the author of the submitted work. The entrant can also be a co-author of the submitted work and the rightful representative of all other co-authors. All co-authors must satisfy the eligibility criteria to participate in the competition.

> The submitted entry (image or video file) *must* be uploaded to an online server (,, etc.) and must have its own URL (http://….). It should have no expiry date, which excludes some file transfer services (, We do not accept submissions made by email.

> The name of the file cannot contain any special characters (accents, etc.). It must be written as follows:

CategoryNumber: 1=Object of study / 2=Women and men of science / 3=Locations and instruments / 4=Video loop

e.g.: 1_Muster_Thomas_Bees_and_flowers.jpg

> A technical description and personal comments must be enclosed with each entry submitted.

> By submitting this form, the entrants accept in full the terms and conditions for taking part in the competition:

> The participant keep the copyright on their submitted works, but allow their publication with a CC-BY-NC-ND license (

> If you have any questions about the competition, please contact

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