12th Grade Registration Sheet for 2020-2021
Please view the following scheduling documents. When you have looked over all documents, including the master schedule, please fill out the request below for which classes you would like to take next year. Remember that 1st and 2nd are periods that will last all year, and 3rd, 4th, and 5th are all blocks that will change at Christmas. You will be choosing 8 classes in total. Please be sure to only choose 1 class from each time frame, but do include alternates at the bottom of this form in case courses fill up.

It is very important you only fill this form out ONCE. Thank you!
Course Offerings -- Below you will see the names and course numbers for the classes being offered to seniors next year. You will use these names and numbers to fill out your registration sheet.
2020-2021 Student Master Schedule -- Please use the master schedule below to plan out your courses for both semesters next year. Please be sure to only choose one course from block/period, and be sure to choose classes for blocks 3-5 for BOTH semesters.
Second Semester Block Classes (after Christmas)
12th Grade Registration Sheet -- Please use this sheet to plan out your schedule before filling out the form below.
Full name: *
Please provide at least two phone numbers at which you can be contacted in case we have questions about your schedule. *
Below you will find one question for each period/block of the day. Please fill in BOTH the COURSE NUMBER (found on the course offerings sheet above), followed by the NAME of the class. By giving us both the course number and name of the course, it will assist us in creating your schedule more quickly and avoid any confusion about which classes you want. As stated above, please be sure to use the master schedule above to choose only ONE class in each period/block.
1st Period (year-long class): *
2nd Period (year-long class): *
3rd Block (1st semester): *
4th Block (1st semester): *
5th Block (1st semester): *
3rd Block (2nd semester -- after Christmas): *
4th Block (2nd semester -- after Christmas): *
5th Block (2nd semester -- after Christmas): *
Please list at least THREE alternate courses in case something you have signed up for is full. *
We know that this isn't our typical way of scheduling, and we miss getting to meet with each of you individually, but we are committed to doing the best we can for each of you during this time. Sincerely, The RCHS Scheduling Team
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