Reify Pricing Breakdown
Hi! We're Mike Bernstein (@mrb_bk) and Brian Doll (@briandoll) and we recently created a company called Reify. Reify helps technical people who sell technical products to technical people get better at marketing and sales.

We're looking to publish some "Pricing Breakdown" posts on our blog - - and we'd love your help! Here's how it works:

- Submit your email address, name, company name, position, and pricing page URL below
- If we select your company, we'll shoot you an email and let you know
- We'll write up a short post summarizing our chat and advice, and send it to you
- If you're okay with us publishing it, we'll schedule a FREE 45 MINUTE CALL to discuss ways you can improve your pricing!

That's it! Free advice, great publicity, and you get to help us out too - and we're awesome. Thanks for reading!

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