Winter Formal Team Application
Thanks for your interest in joining the Winter Formal Team!

This team will help organize Winter Formal 2020, the one and only event that celebrates the end of this year and the start of the next. As part of this team, you will work closely together with the AUCSA board and committees, in order to host an amazing evening full of music, glühwein, and oliebollen.

Due to this unprecedented year, the Winter Formal cannot be the Gala in the AB we usually host. However, this makes room for a new kind of event (whatever form this may take), to get creative and build up a new tradition! The goal is always to celebrate the end of the year, and bring our community together in the cold winds of December.

If you want to take part in our Winter Formal and choose a theme for this years edition, there are three positions you can apply for:

- Decorations Manager: This position is in charge of turning our courtyards into the Winter Wonderland it's supposed to be. Tasks include making posters, crafting, ordering decorations, etc. So get creative!

- Logistics Manager: This position will make sure all the logistics are in order for The Night. You will be in charge of the schedule and of the logistical arrangements with committees.

- Stage Manager: This position is in charge of everything that happens on stage. You will make sure there are nice acts throughout the evening and the music is swinging. In the event that everything has to be moved online, we still want to bring some nice tunes to our community. You could potentially set up a courtyard concert or a nice Livestream!

Winter Formal will potentially take place in the second week of December. Thus, we will be organizing this special event in a relatively short period of time, which means we will have to make quite some hours together. Moreover, it will involve a lot of brainstorms and innovative ideas to bring a special event that is responsible and respectfully upholds the COVID-19 measurements. We want to give a present to our community in any shape or form we can imagine during Christmas times. So the most important factor we are looking for is that you are passionate and motivated!

We're very excited to read all of your applications.


On behalf of AUCSA 2020-2021
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