#InnEdCO 19 Sponsor Pre-Registration Form
We're very excited to ramp up for the upcoming #InnEdCO19 conference in Keystone June 10th - 13th. We appreciate everyone's eagerness to register to be a sponsor and have already been hearing wonderful feedback, ideas, and suggestions from many of you who wish to work with us again this year! We're eager to work with you too!

This year, we're continuously improving our sponsorships process in order to make it more personalized and beneficial for everyone involved. From November 1st - 31st we'll be utilizing this form to gauge interests, budgets, and opportunities before opening official registration in December (including accepting payments, donations, and securing booths / opportunities).

Those who fill this out and "pre-register" will get Early Bird Access to Sponsor Registration beginning December 1st as a way to secure your opportunities earlier.

So please take a moment to fill out this form! *Completing this form, you are not obligated or committing to the selected items.* We look forward to using the data to make personal connections with each of you to discuss how we can continue to build relationships, support our community and put on a truly incredible conference once more in June.

InnEdCO 2019 Sponsorships / Partnerships Team

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Sponsorship Opportunities, Programming, & Events
Which Sponsorship Level are you most intrigued to obtain?
Learning Academy (Monday) opportunities interested in sponsoring:
Main Conference (Tuesday - Wednesday) opportunities interested in sponsoring:
Booth Opportunities
Booth Opportunities most interested in securing:
Select an option if you are interested in purchasing multiple booth plots in order to expand your space (standard size is 4' by 7')?
How many days would be most sustainable for your organization to run a booth?
*This feedback will be used to determine which days we run booths in the foyers and lobby; we've had mixed feedback in how long we have booths open to the public (a need for LESS time has been expressed).
Which days would be most valuable for your organization to run a booth?
Select the days (checking all that apply) so we ensure we run booths on the most beneficial days.
Are you interested in any of the additional marketing opportunities for your organization?
Leads & Conference App
Are you interested in purchasing Lead Retrieval?
*Leads will continue via scanning of attendees as well as attendees who scan you via the InnEdCO app. $200 to access your personalized list of attendees.
Are you interested in providing a "Mission" or Scavenger Hunt in the app to drive more personalized leads to you?
Other Items
Do you have any swag you would like for us to distribute at the conference? If so, please tell us below.
*We will not be giving out any flyers or postcards from vendors. These need to be malleable items such as pens, laptop stickers, t-shirts, etc.
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Do you have any Prizes or Donations you'd like to giveaway at the conference?
*Feel free to include prizes or donations you'd like to have us use for the InnEdCO Conference Game / App. Last year, as an example, many sponsors donated highly valued prizes like gift cards (coffee, food, office supplies, etc.), subscriptions for your products, robots kits, branded clothing, etc.
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Are there other opportunities we are missing or that you have ideas for us adding to #InnEdCO19?
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