Field Trip Permission Slip
Thursday, June 24th
Lynwood Skating Rink
1:00 - 4:00 PM
Total: $30 ---- ONE TIME FEE
= $10 admission
$10 T-Shirt
$10 transportation
Email *
Lynwood Skating rink
2030 Glenwood dyer Road
Lynwood IL 60411
Child's Name *
If you have more than one child please list all.
Parent's Phone number *
Parent's name *
I give my child permission to go on the Field Trip to Lynwood Skating rink on Thursday, Jun 24th. *
Childs T-Shirt Size *
If you have more than one child select both sizes for both kids.
I understand that I will have to pay $30 upon arrival *
We have the option to pay online, or you can bring in the Field Trip $$ upon arrival at 8:00 AM.
Do you have skates for your child?
Please bring their skates with them to the Learning HUB upon drop off at 8:00 AM. Make sure they are in a backpack for them.
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Please bring a sack lunch
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All of the information above is correct.
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