I am looking for high school 10, 11 and 12th graders to join my team of influencers. Fill out the form and tell me a little about you and I will send you more info on CT's premiere high school portrait experience. If you are more interested in booking a regular teen or senior photo session then head back to the http://planet-photography.com/seniors-and-teens/ and fill out the contact form.

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Your mobile number. Can I text you information about the meetings or the program?
Parent's Name
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Which high school do you go to? What grade?
What activities are you involved in at school?
Do you know any of the current Planet Photo Tribe? If so, who? How do you know them?
How did you hear about Planet Photo? What did you hear?
Why do you think you would be a good spokesperson/influencer for Planet Photo? What qualities do you possess that would make you a good member of the team?
List the 5 words that describe you best *
How are you in front of a camera?
Do you have any siblings? How old are they? Do you get along?
In a sentence or two tell me what do you like to do when you hang out with your parents? Are you close?
Did you ever dream about being a model?
What do you want to be when you "grow up"? Or when you leave HS at least ;)
Would you like to share this experience with a BFF? Who should I invite to join the Tribe?
What is your instagram handle? (Mine is @planetphoto_jp if you want to follow me!) *
Do you tweet? Mine is planet photo_jp - what is yours?
Would you be interested in participating in extra fun group shoots? Would you be willing to travel for those?
Would you be ok if one of our shoots was featured in a national magazine?
How active are you on social media? (be honest!)
How about your Mom and Dad?
Do you already have an idea of how you want your individual session to look? What style appeals to you?
Would you check a Facebook private group if that is how we communicate shoot details?
How comfortable are you with make-up? Do you wear it often?
Who is your biggest inspiration in life?
Where do you like to shop? Top Five favorites.
Do you like to have your hair and make up done and would you be willing to try something new (and maybe a little crazy) for a concept shoot?
How does your family display photos in your home?
Do you agree to be added to the mailing list for Planet Photo?
Do you have parental permission to apply for the team?
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