Worldschooling & International Unschooling Family Retreat
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Where and when
WHERE SvobodUm, Jindřichovice pod Smrkem 213 (map

FROM Friday 12 July 2019 16:00
UNTIL Sunday 21 July 2019 10:00
DURATION 10 days (9 nights)

The event is intended preferentially for foreigners. If you are Czech, you will be placed in the waiting list and we will send you an invitation based on the order of your application and on your proposal of contribution to the program. Thank you for your understanding :-)

The event is intended for all worldschoolers - self-directed learners, radical or non-radical unschoolers, homeschoolers and more.

Accomodation and fees
OPTION A - Indoor

You will be accomodated in SvobodUm (, map or in boarding house U Můrinek (, map - 300m away from SvobodUm.

- Adult or child over 15 yrs: 300 EUR (or 7500 CZK)
- Child 3-14 y/o: 152 EUR (or 3800 CZK)
- Child 0-2 y/o: free (without dinner and a bed reservation)

The price includes 9 nights in comfortable and fully equipped rooms (with bedding, towels, toilet paper and soap) and also a dinner each day (see section Food and cooking). Please note that due to specific room sizes you may be accommodated together with another family.

OPTION B - Outdoor

You will use your own tent or caravan for accommodation.

- Adult or child over 15 yrs: 196 EUR (or 4900 CZK)
- Child 3-14 y/o: 112 EUR (or 2800 CZK)
- Child 0-2 y/o: free (without dinner)

The price includes 9 nights, availability of toilet, bathroom with shower, fully-equipped kitchen (kitchen and cooking utensils, fridge, stove, oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, coffee machine and french press, sandwich maker) and other internal spaces of SvobodUm. It also includes a dinner each day (see section Food and cooking).


Requests for a shorter stay will be handled individually and will only be possible in the case of free capacity. If you want to stay shorter, please let us know your preferred terms in the accommodation section.

Food and cooking
During the retreat, you will be able to store your food and prepare your meals a fully-equipped kitchen.

Beside that, there will be common dinner served each day. You will be able to choose from a vegetarian or meat meal option individually in a form that we will send out few weeks before the event.

The program will be co-created on voluntary basis by you and other participants of the retreat and it will be announced either in advance or on the spot. We as organizers will offer basic rules so we as participants can self organized as specified below.

The retreat is not a common family holidays open to anyone who is willing to pay. It is a particular event for meeting supporters of self-directed learning. The program, although usually rich and varied, is not primary our responsibility as organizers. Instead, we strive to create safe and motivational environment in which children and adults have the opportunity to discover and search for their own self and without fear of being themselves.

Code of conduct
Anyone who comes to the retreat has our trust. We will not decide on anyone’s time. He or she will not be forced, unsolicitedly educated, evaluated or measured. We will respect his/her lifestyle with everything that belongs to him/her. But we demand that he or she will also respect the rest of us and other participants. This is our role as safety keepers & respectful atmosphere mediators.

Surely there can be many situations where the needs of individuals and their individual wishes will not correspond. This is normal and desirable because we understand this as a great opportunity for the whole community to learn to seek consensus and to develop decent and open communication. For example, if someone chooses not to sleep all night, there is no need to send him to bed - the only thing for those who are in this situation is to deal with how not to disturb the sleep of a people who chooses to sleep.

Our perception of ethics is based on the so-called non-aggression principle (NAP). If you are not familiar with it, please read the definition here:

In case you will not know how to deal with a certain situation, we are here for you - you can ask us to help (advice, intervention, mediation).

We always organise one or more sharing evenings regarding coexistence in SvobodUm at each retreat.

Ensuring a safe environment in the sense of nonviolence and tolerance to differences and diverse needs of all kinds is the main purpose of the stay we will share together. We look forward to all the new challenges and learning from each other.

Please note that we do not regulate use of technologies (phones, tablets, notebooks) during the retreat. However, we respect any internal rules you may have in your family.

Taking photos and videos
Please note that by participating, we all agree with being photographed and/or filmed. Surely you can imagine that among so many people is almost impossible to ask every time we take the photo, if it is OK for everyone envolved. The photos and/or videos can be posted on the internet and/or can be used for the purpose of SvobodUm and

Nevertheless, if anybody of you feels uncomfortable being photographed and/or filmed, please highlight it at the opening meeting and others will surely try to respect your will. However, we cannot guarantee that you will not be photographed and/or filmed neither that everyone will remember your choice. Please, be assertive and communicate. Thank you for your understanding :-)

Cancellation terms
The registration is binding and the reservation is valid after the payment.

Cancellation fees:
50 % of the price when cancelling before 21st June 2019 inclusive,
75 % of the price when cancelling before 28th June 2019 inclusive,
100 % of the price when cancelling on 5th July 2019 and later.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us:

Zdenka Sip Stankova - reservations, payments and food orders:, +420 777 635 381
Michal Kandler - coordination and technical support at the spot, logistics:, +420 725 818 430

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