Waste Warriors: Volunteer and Internship Application
Please fill this form if you'd like to be a volunteer or intern at any of our three projects, Dehradun, Dharamsala, and Corbett. We will go through your response and, depending on the availability of multiple factors including work requirements, team capacity, and resources, we will let you know if we have space for you to work with our teams. If you have any questions about completing this Google form, please contact hiring@wastewarriors.org.
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If you're in Dehradun or Dharamsala and would like to be added to our local volunteers group, please share your Whatsapp number.
In these groups, we share info related to upcoming events like clean-ups, event waste management, awareness-raising campaigns, etc.
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Waste Warriors Projects
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For Internships: please share a link to a PDF of your CV and short cover letter.
Please preferably share a link to your PDF on your Google Drive, Dropbox, or MS OneDrive.
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For most events (waste management at events, clean-ups, rallies etc), we ask volunteers to register in advance so that we know how many are attending.
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Minimum number of weeks for internships is 4 weeks.
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Please mention the number of hours you would like to Volunteer with us per week?
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