Application to host an event at The Ninth House
Thank you for your interest in hosting a workshop at The Ninth House! Please read the following information carefully before submitting your proposal. If you have any questions, you may email us at Otherwise, you are welcome to begin the Workshop Proposal process below. We will get back to you by the end of the month that the proposal is due.

Workshop proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Proposals are due at the end of the month two months before the proposed workshop date. For example, proposals are due July 31 for workshops held in September. This gives us time to review proposals, make scheduling decisions and effectively promote the event.

Because we are committed to excellence and providing high quality education, we are extremely selective about the workshops and teachers that represent The Ninth House through our programming.

If you are interested in teaching a workshop we require that you have a thoughtful and robust plan, and have considered participant outcomes, engagement strategies, teaching methods and materials. All lessons should be hands on in some way, or discussion based to ensure that participants are gaining the most from each workshop experience. Except in rare cases, lecture based classes are not offered.

Class Compensation
Class income will be split 30/70, with 70% of ticket sales going to you, the instructor, with a minimum rental fee of $25. Ticket sales will all run through TNH, and you will be paid out after the completion of the workshop. Although we heavily promote all workshops and events within our networks, it is also important that you engage your community for the most successful enrollment. Workshops that are under enrolled (less than 3 students two days before the event) will be cancelled.

A signed Instructor Agreement is required before a workshop is listed on our website and ticket sales begin.

Thank you again for your interest in joining The Ninth House community and adding to high quality metaphysical education in Tucson!
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What are the student outcomes of this class (What new knowledge or skills will they come out of the class with. Be specific. Ie: "They will know how to create an all natural herbal lotion at home" not "Herbal knowledge") Please list 2-4. *
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What methods or strategies will you use to engage participants. We expect workshops to be hands on/discussion based. Please describe. (First time teachers may be asked to submit an informal lesson plan). *
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The Ninth House can only accommodate 12-15 people, including floor seating on cushions. Does this work for your expected group? *
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Rental for hosting groups is 30% of class income with a minimum of $25. Ex: If the class costs $10, and 8 people sign up, class income is $80. $24 is 30%, so you would pay the minimum fee of $25. (Yes, we have to be this specific). *
Do you have any space requirements, materials or equipment needs, etc. (Open space for movement, sink access, total quiet, etc). Please note: We may or may not be able to provide these! *
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