Global Citizen Award 2020 Nomination Form
Deadline for nominations:

Thank you for submitting a nomination for SCIC's Global Citizen Award. These special awards recognize Saskatchewan people who make amazing contributions to international development, cooperation, peace and justice.

This award is presented annually during International Development Week, which takes place during the first full week of February (1st to 8th). The Global Citizen Award was first presented in 1991 and over 100 people and organizations have been recognized over the past 30 years.

Please fill out this form and email or fax supporting letters of reference or media links or clippings to start the nomination process.
Email , please include your nominee's name and “Global Citizen” in the subject.
Fax (306)757-3226.

Please note: People sharing a nomination (i.e. a group or couple) will receive one, collective award. If you want your candidates to receive individual awards, make sure you nominate them individually!

Also note: both nominators and award winners will be asked to give remarks at the Global Citizens Gala during the first full week of February. After the nomination deadline, all the nominations will go onto a committee for consideration. Contact
SCIC at (306)757-4669 for more information.
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Eligibility: Does the nominee meet the following criteria?
If all of the criteria are not met, someone from SCIC will follow up with you for more information. We encourage you to read through the resources and documents referenced below, as they are the guiding documents used for determining the nominee's eligibility for the Global Citizen Award.
Is the nominee is a resident of Saskatchewan or has a strong connection to this province? *
Is the international development and/or education work undertaken by the nominee *non-proselytizing, as reflected in SCIC's bylaws? ( *
*Recognized global standards clearly state that agencies may not condition the receipt of assistance or participation in their work on any requirement that people listen and respond to a message intended to induce people to join a religious movement, political party, or other cause of organization.
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Please be detailed, specific, and provide supporting documentation where informative.
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Email:, Fax: 306-757-3226, mail: 2138 McIntyre Street, Regina, SK S4P 2R7
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