Call for Papers – GDG DevFest Karlsruhe 2019

The GDG DevFest Karlsruhe, a one day developer conference, takes place on 9th November 2019 in the Duale Hochschule Karlsruhe.

We are looking for motivated speakers for the conference, which would like to share their wisdom on topics around modern development and/or Google technologies with us. Talks are highly welcome in English or German. Possible topics may be:

* Android
* Kotlin
* Flutter
* Web Development (AngularJS, Dart, ...)
* Cloud (AppEngine, CloudPlatform, ...)
* Embedded Topics (Android Embedded, Brillo, ...)
* Firebase
* AR / VR
* Security
* Tools / Topics on modern software development
* and whatever comes to your mind!

Of course also topics outside the Google universe are highly welcome.

The call for papers ends on 1st October 2019. All speakers will be contacted by us shortly after the end of the CfP.
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