Omega Delivery Casting Form
Casting form for Omega Delivery run Petone Community House, 11 Nov 2017
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This is where I'll send updates about the game
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Are you over 16?
Which session would you be able to play?
Use the "other" box if there are other constraints (e.g. you want to be in the same session as another player)
Which gender do you prefer to play?
Which of the previous Kestrel games have you played (if any)?
If you have previously played a Kestrel game, would you like to play the same character (if possible)?
Use the other option if you need to explain in more detail
Which faction(s) would appeal to you?
Would you be OK playing a character who is likely to die at the end of the scenario?
Would you be comfortable reading a short scripted segment at the start of the game?
Are you UNcomfortable with any of the following themes?
Is there anything you particularly enjoy playing in LARPs?
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Is there anything you DON'T enjoy playing in LARPs?
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Is there anything else I should know?
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Do you qualify for any of the following discounts
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