The Great British Pet Weight Survey: Help us to help the UK’s pets maintain a healthy weight
Pet obesity has been identified by veterinary professionals as one of the top three welfare concerns.

To find out more, one of the UK’s leading pet food manufacturers, Burgess Pet Care, and veterinary scales manufacturer, Marsden, are conducting this nationwide survey.

This will take around five minutes to complete and will provide valuable information to help pet health professionals provide better weight-management support to the UK’s pets and their owners.

To thank you for taking part, you can also enter a prize draw to win six months’ supply of Burgess pet food of your choice, and a Marsden V-24 or V-180 pet weighing scale.

What pet/s do you have?
Do you think your pet/s is/are?
Do you know the ideal weight range for you pet/s?
How often do you weigh your pet/s at the vets?
Do you ever weigh your pets elsewhere?
Have you ever asked your vet for advice about weight management for your pet/s?
Do you measure out your pet's food accurately?
If you feed treats, do you count them in your pet/s' daily ration?
Do you feed your pet/s scraps or leftovers from your own dinner?
Do you feel you have a good knowledge of what constitutes a healthy diet for your pet/s?
Do you know what foods could be dangerous for your pet/s?
If your vet advised you not to feed treats to help your pet/s get to a healthy weight, how would you feel?
How important do you feel your pet/s weight is in terms of helping them lead a healthy life?
If you felt that your pet/s could be protected from certain illnesses by losing weight, would you actively work with your vet to help them to slim down by carefully measuring and monitoring their food intake and increasing their exercise?
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