Green Infill Housing Survey
Green infill housing is affordable, energy efficient housing which can provide social, economic, and environmental benefits to neighborhood residents. This strategy has the potential to directly affect four of Austin's sustainability indicators: housing cost-burden, vehicle miles traveled, obesity, and air quality.
By completing this survey you will provide valuable information to help us at ACDDC guide our strategic neighborhood planning and development, making sure we're working alongside communities in building healthy neighborhoods.
Tell us about your neighborhood!
1. Do you walk or bike regularly in your neighborhood? *
If no, why not? If yes, where do you usually walk or bike to?
2. Do others walk/bike around your neighborhood? *
3. Do you consider your neighborhood to be walkable? *
4. Which facilities do you think would encourage people to walk/bike more around your neighborhood? (In order of importance, 5=most important.)
a) Sidewalks
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b) Bicycle paths
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c) Crosswalks
Clear selection
d) Shaded paths
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e) Slow-speed traffic
Clear selection
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If other, please specify:
5. Do you believe that having more amenities (green spaces, small markets, community gardens, parks, trails) in your neighborhood would encourage people to walk and/or bike more? *
Why or why not?
6. Do you think Austin needs more affordable housing options? *
7. Would you like to see more infill housing in your neighborhood, like Alley Flats? (follow this link to learn more about Alley Flats: *
Why or why not?
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