Pearler Games Community Input
The 'Pearler Games' is back! Dampier Terrace will once again become the playing field for classic Pearling and Industry challenges in efforts to take home various Titles, Trophies and the all important 'Recognition' as a winner of The Pearler Games!

Proudly presented by 'Press Play Entertainment' in conjunction with the 'Chinatown Revitalisation Project', we bring The Pearler Games alive as a feature event of the 'Chinatown Discovery Festival 2019' in late May (Sat 25th tentative date).

We want to make the 'Chinatown Pearler Games 2019' a fantastic start to the return of the much loved Annual Event. With it's last run back in 2003, and having run since '99, we are sure there are many memories of these events.

We are looking for community feedback about what people loved about the previous 'Pearler Games', though also about what people would like to see the 'Pearler Games 2019' be.

All comments will be considered valuable and also kept private. If this form is not your style, please feel free to email '' with Subject Heading 'Pearler Games Community Feedback'

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Input and Comments are being closed at end of February and structure being set from beginning March onward. Please ensure to get any input to us by then
Thanks for your input and keep an eye out for more info coming soon
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