Elysia Survival: Application Form
Hi there! Thank you for your interest in Elysia! Please read this quick intro prior to proceeding, in order to check you're right for us and that we're the right server for you.

Elysia is a 16+ server & LGBTQ+ inclusive.

We're also heavily community focused, with a strong lean toward friendly and collaborative players. We prefer you to have an interest in teamwork, and for contributing in larger and shared projects. You are more than welcome though to stick within a small friend group or focus on personal projects. Just as long as you're nice you'll fit in wonderfully.

Finally, please note that the more thought out and detailed responses are the most likely to be accepted. The time and effort you put into this application will reflect you as a potential candidate for our whitelist. We are strict during this process as we receive lots of applications and are keen on maintaining the best player base possible.

Server owned by u/Foxzes on BuiltByBit
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