EOI for Youth Touch World Cup 2021 (2021 年青年觸球世界盃興趣表達)
There will be six categories within the tournament with boys, girls and mixed divisions for Under-18 and Under-20 competitors. Australia is the current world champions, with England the reigning European champions after completing a clean sweep of the 2019 European Junior Touch Championships in Paris.

本屆世界杯將會有兩個年齡段(U18 & U20)的六組別:男子組、女子組、男女混合組.

Details 詳細

1. Date 日期 (Specific date is not set 詳細日期未定)
July 2021 年七月。

2. Location 地點
Manchester, U. K.
曼徹斯特, U. K.

3. Cost (approximately) 費用 (大約)
3.1. Registration TWD 9,000 - 11,000/PP
3.1. 報名費 TWD 9,000 - 11,000/人

3.2. Travel TWD 25,000 - 30,000/PP
3.2. 旅費 TWD 25,000 - 30,000/人

3.3. Uniform TWD 2~3,000/PP
3.4. 球服 TWD 2~3,000/人

4. Other expenses, accommodation, food etc..
4. 其他費用 如住宿, 飲食 等...

Looking at a total of around TWD 60,000 to 80,000/PP for this once in a lifetime experience.
這個一生一次的機會總共大約需要TWD 60,000~80,000/人。

1. They are a Legal National (including Citizenship) of the Member country; or
2. They have parent (mother or father) who was born in the Member country; or
3. They have been a resident of the Member country for three (3) years.

Must be a financial member of any of CTTA's affiliates e.g. Taipei Touch Association, Tainan Titans Touch Team.
Adhere to CTTA' Code of Behaviour for all Members.

* 球員必須在台灣居住連續三年以上才符合條件。
* 必須是任何CTTA 隸屬協會的會員,例如臺北觸球協會,Tainan Titans Touch Team.
* 必須準守 臺灣觸球協會的 所有隸屬 (附屬) 會員的行為守則.

We are collecting these expressions of interest first. Once there are sufficient players interested, tryouts, training, and organization can commence.
我們需要先收集看有多少人有興趣。 當有足夠的人數之後, 我們將可以安排進行選拔, 集體訓練 以及 其他作業.

Please seek your parental approval first!
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